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Evaluating the impact of international environmental laws on oil and Essay

Assessing the effect of worldwide natural laws on oil and gas - Essay Example Recommendation(s) †¢ GEP-Oil Company must follow the standards of the International Environment law to the last mentioned. †¢ The Company will undoubtedly search for further developed advances to have the option to abuse he Oil and Gas in a propelled way. †¢ Experts in Climatic conditions ought to be counseled before the initiation of the boring procedure. †¢ The organization must remunerate the occupants. 1. Foundation The principle issues for the situation study are that the nearness of Oil and Gas assumes a huge job in the economy of Russia and the government assistance of the individuals all in all. Notwithstanding, this investigation in the Arctic requires colossal ventures, which have provoked the Russian oil Companies to go into a union with the universal organizations to speed up the investigation procedure. Considering this, the board paper has been sorted out into four segments. Each segment examinations about an issue that relates to investigation that is liberated from ecological pulverization and one that delineates what is normal by the Russian government. The Russian ecological laws are like the global condition al laws in various manners. The Russian ecological laws likewise perceive that there is a requirement for every country to have the option to secure the natural and simultaneously each state ought to be given the opportunity to have the option to misuse their regular assets. As indicated by rule one of the Rio Declaration, individuals are the focal point of ecological concerns since they should have the option to have top notch life. The Russian ecological laws additionally perceive these components and consolidate it in the standards of the law. There are likewise laws in the district where Russia is that are additionally denunciation of the requirement for the concerned partners to comprehend the need to ensure the regular assets for individuals. The cold locale wherein Russia has a place, there are some ecological l aws that need are fundamentally the same as worldwide laws. The Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy is a natural direction that helps countries in the ice district to live in inside the ecological measures. Russian national laws are likewise like the universal ecological laws in that they additionally perceive that there is a significance to ensure the neighborhood waters (marine). This is in accordance with MarPol natural laws and direction that accommodate the manners by which the laws must be capable secure the earth. Russia is an individual from the craftsman place yet he laws created by the ice community are not withstanding. The ice community has built up the laws and rules that help part states to stand inside the rules of global laws. MarPol helps countries around the globe to have the option to manage the seal contamination. The Russian natural arrangement additionally perceives that there is a need to secure the ocean and decrease marine contamination. These laws are likewise in accordance with the Conventional of Biodiversity guides which underline on the need to secure the normal reverberates particularly living things. The other significant factor about worldwide law corresponding to the Russian ecological law is the acknowledgment of the requirement for the state to have the option to ensure the natural and the should have the option to

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Mind Games Essay

The objective of contentious composing is to convince the crowd that their thoughts are legitimate or progressively substantial then different creators. Greek rationalist and author, Aristotle, separated influence into three areas: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. These influence rules give perusers a feeling of believability, feeling, and thinking. Ethos is related with validity or moral intrigue (Ch. 3, Ethos). Does the creator depict the characters as individuals who are deserving of regard? One issue with argumentation is the capacity to intrigue the peruser. By making the character somebody that is regarded and in this manner agreeable the peruser is progressively keen on the work. A case of this would be a specialist, legal counselor, or veteran. Despite the fact that these occupations serve our locale in various manners, they are completely regarded by society. Another case of logos that the book noted was â€Å"If an organization is notable, preferred, and regarded, that notoriety will add to it’s convincing force (Ruszkiewicz, 56).† If its character is tricky in any regard, it might need to utilize contention to reshape an audience’s discernment (Ruszkiewicz, 56). Creators will likewise utilize ethos from individual experience. Author and dissident Terry Williams assaults the individuals who harmed the Utah deserts with atomic radiation (Williams, 58) Terry Williams is a ladies worth tuning in to on the grounds that she has lived with the atomic danger. These are only a portion of the manners in which creators can show authority. Feeling is passionate and convinces by speaking to the reader’s feelings (Ch. 2, Pathos). Language decision influences the audience’s reaction, and passionate intrigue can upgrade a contention. The book gives a case of an instructor revealing to her understudies that she is legitimately visually impaired (Kleege, 45). While perusing this model, you are most likely imagining yourself sitting in the study hall in stun from what you simply heard. At the point when somebody gives you data about them or uncovers a reality, as the audience, you are taking in everything the speaker is stating; while at the same time relating that to each situation you can review. As an understudy sitting in her study hall, you are contemplating your own involvement in another visually impaired individual and shaping your own sentiment on this individual. This model plays in on your enthusiastic side on the grounds that from the absolute first day you know about your teacher’s inability. Feeling doesn't generally need to be tragic; it can likewise be silly. Scholars can go through cleverness to help the state of mind and make the peruser increasingly alright with a contention. The model from Dave (Barry, 49) addresses that men don't have to peruse the manual yet in many cases commit errors. This specific model is stating men think they know all, however in actuality, they despite everything need assistance. Logos convinces by the utilization of thinking (Ch. 4, Logos). The core of the contention is giving the peruser reasons. Successful influence can help you back up your cases just as offer evidence to your contention. Aristotle partitioned factious composition into realities and reason (Ruszkiewicz, 69). He utilized what we call hard proof and reason or presence of mind (Ruszkiewicz, 69). The book gave a case of U.S. minister to the UN inquiring as to whether he had â€Å"placed or is putting medium and middle of the road go rockets and locales in Cuba (Ruszkiewicz, 70)?† Agents permitted him to pose this inquiry since he had hard proof of spy photos to demonstrate his case (Ruszkiewicz). Logos can be appeared through content too. By reproducing a solitary page from a report, you have confirmation from years past. The model in the book expressed the association among articulations and confirmations was solid. The article discussed weapon possession (Lindgren, 75). Logos is significant in pugnacious composing since perusers like to have all the more then one dependable source. As an undergrad, I would compose an article on neighborhood schools and colleges giving more exercises to 18-multi year old understudies. This article would show ethos since I am a nineteen-year-old neighborhood understudy. This point would show poignancy since I am speaking to neighborhood individuals that may be influenced by smashed understudies driving on the streets. I would utilize the neighborhood police records to give logos to convince my perusers. Another understudy may compose an exposition to convince nearby governments to permit 18-multi year old understudies into the bars. It would be significant for the author to be a dependable undergrad to build up ethos. The understudy could contend that this arrangement would permit underage understudies to be assigned drivers for the authorized understudies. This would show feeling. The author could utilize neighborhood traffic records and reports to make logos. At the point when a writer composes a decent logical exposition it is like an agent selling an item. The essayist is offering their plan to the open simply like the salesman is selling their item. It will be significant for them two to build up ethos with their crowd to make valid portrayals. The two of them will utilize sentiment to show an individual their item or thought. It is additionally significant for them two to go through logos to back the cases they are making. An agent will be compensated with a commission, and an effective compose will be remunerated with future composing assignments. Works refered to Ruszkiewicz, Andrea A. Lunsford John J. Everything’s a contention. Vol. 56. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2009.

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An Open Letter to People Who Dont Think They Need to Read Diversely

An Open Letter to People Who Don’t Think They Need to Read Diversely I love old, dead white men. There. I said it. F. Scott Fitzgerald is my boy. Tolstoy, Dickens, Steinbeck, Orwell, and Nabokovâ€"Give me all the books. I even have a Vonnegut quote tattooed on my wrist. But because of that love, for the longest time, I experienced a very narrow sliver of what literature has to offer. The worst thing about that was that I didn’t know it. Sure, I read some diverse fiction when I was in high school. I read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima, Anowa by Ama Ata Aidoo, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass, and The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka. These aren’t the only diverse books that my classes read, because I know my teachers explicitly made an effort to introduce us suburban kids to diverse authors. But the thing that didn’t sink in then was why reading diversely is important. That wasn’t a lesson I learned until college when I took a class on literary theory. That class, especially the words of my peers who all came from different backgrounds, taught me to see a literary work through another’s eyes. So when I graduated and started a job at my old high school, my old English teacher was tickled to hear me say, “I have a problem with this curriculum. Just too many old, dead white guys.” That doesn’t mean I was putting my money where my mouth was though. Scrolling back through my “read” shelf on Goodreads, I see my reading looking a lot like this: dead white dude, dead white dude, dead white dude, living white dude, living white woman, dead white dude, hispanic woman whose book was assigned…. Seriously, yikes. You might be thinking, well, who cares? Read what you want to read. But there are so many problems with the idea that what I wanted to read could only be written by dead white guys. That statement itself hides the toxic assumption that authors of color couldn’t possibly write something that is relatable to a white reader. Like, what? A good story written well is relatable. Period. If you can’t relate to it, it might not be a good story. I don’t know about you, but I have read plenty of stories I just couldn’t connect with. Many of those stories were written byâ€"you guessed itâ€"old dead white guys. Relating to and empathizing with a character is the entire point of fiction! This has everything to do with how skilled the writing is and nothing to do with the race, gender, sexuality, or class of the writer. A good story is a good story. The end. Still, many people see reading diversely as just an excuse to pat yourself on the back. That is so false. In Book Riot’s “Reading Diversely FAQ” series, Amanda Nelson really brings home that point in part four of the series: “As far as “just” filling a quota: that assumes that people of color don’t write books you would’ve been interested in naturally, and that reading books by authors who aren’t white is “just” to be done to satisfy some external goal. By diversifying your reading, you’re actively doing something to combat structural racism (especially if you’re in the U.S.), and you’re setting yourself up for a richer, more interesting reading life.” One of the most important reasons why I try to read diversely is because I wholly believe in the power of story. Story is transformative. It allows you to, for at least a little while, become someone else. When a story is written well, you can experience another time and place so profoundly that it changes you. We should want to know what it is like to experience the lives of people different from us. And when we do, what might strike us the most is seeing that on the inside, we’re not all that different. Like Amanda said, that makes for “a richer, more interesting reading life.” That’s true. But it also makes for a kinder life, because people who can step outside their safe readerly bubbles will find there a capacity to care for their fellow human beings like they never thought they could before. Now, I can’t say that I’m perfect or that 50% of all the books I read are by authors of color, but I am more conscious of what I read now. One of the biggest things that helped me with that was Litsy. For a while, every month, I would post my reading stats. The first time I did it, I was shocked. I read 15 books that month, but only three of them were written by authors of color. That didn’t seem like enough, because I truly wanted to experience the lives of people who aren’t exactly like me. (I mean, I’m already living that life. I know what happens in it.) So I upped my game, and Book Riot’s diverse reading recs honestly helped a lot. Diverse Recs So if you too want to empathize with your fellow humans on this wild globe of ours, here are some book recommendations to get you there: 8 Great Diverse Book Club Picks for Summer Reading Genre-defying Translated Fiction That Deserves More Attention 4 Personal Essay Collections by Women of Color to Put on Your TBR Your 25 Favorite Authors of Color 100 Must-Read Sci-fi Fantasy Novels by Female Authors 100 Must-read Classics by People of Color What are some of your favorite diverse reads? One of my favorite books is The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie. Leave your own in a comment!

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The Effects Of Air And Man Made Pollution On Our Environment

For ages, humans have been pouring waste into our environment, heedless of the effects. Only now, decades later, humans are finally coming to face the consequences of our actions. Air and man-made pollution is the leading cause in the world to have a great impact in the earth but it also cause pollution to our civilization affecting our environment. The constant traveling is causing the nature gone to failure. When travelers visit another culture and/or country one has have to deal with language barriers, new cultural norms (in many countries people expect to wait much longer for things than in the U.S, even small things like servers taking a long time to bring a check take getting used to at first), and making more mistakes then all of†¦show more content†¦Humans are constantly making decisions and solving problems, which gives them experience and wisdom. Also, as one explores and meet new people they discover new ideas and approaches to doing things and solving problems, a lso seeing the world from hundreds of new viewpoints...physically and metaphorically. In one’s daily life citizens probably spend most of their time around people generally similar to their self, when travelling this can change much more rapidly and if citizens do it enough, they’ll probably at times finding them self-frustrated, confused, frightened, and even a victim at least a few times, which all build perspective. Depending on how adventurous one’s life, they will probably meet a lot of new people, and some of them will become friends and people you make an effort to see again. But one has to consider that traveling could also can be considered as a destruction of nature and what cause use to get sick constantly with all this pollution. Pollution means contamination of unwanted matters that cause harm and discomfort to human and other organisms. Pollution is the greatest threat to humanity. There are different kinds of pollution like air pollution, water po llution and sound pollution Individuals with heart disease such as coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure. Individuals with lung disease such as asthma, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), children under age 14, whose lungs are still developing, and

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Marketing Analysis The Marketing Field Essay - 760 Words

Advertising Analytics 2.0 Summary In this article, Wes Nichols notes that as the marketing field becomes more complex, companies need to adopt advertising analytics 2.0 in order to gain a full understanding of marketing strategies the company should implement. He starts his article by indicating that old methods of analysis, such as measuring how TV, print, radio, and online ads function independently to drive sales is a thing of the past, and how companies can benefit from the advent of technology to run analytics 2.0 to gain real-time data on how the marketing strategies are affecting the sales of a given product. Next, he identifies three activities that companies need to take in order to integrate analytics 2.0 in their marketing strategies. First, companies need to quantify the attribution of each element of advertising. Second, these companies need to use the predictive analytics tools to run multiple scenarios in order to optimize the outcome. And lastly, companies need to redistribute budgets and resources in a real-time fashion based on the optimization scenarios. At the conclusion, Nichols suggests a five-step process that marketing executives should take to implement analytics 2.0. Those steps are: 1. Embrace analytics 2.0: Nichols indicates that senior-level buy-in is essential for the adoption of analytics 2.0. 2. Assign an analytics-minded director: A person with an analytics background should be selected managing this task. 3. Conduct an inventory ofShow MoreRelatedMarketing Analysis : The Field Of Marketing2269 Words   |  10 PagesIn the field of marketing, there are two major objectives. To first figure out what a customer might be in need of. Once that is established, the second main goal is to come up with creative ways to sell customers products. Marketing is all about searching for a purpose of a product and figuring out how to best brand a product for maximum profits. This can be done in many forms. Although, the most common way of persuading a client would be through verbally presenting your thoughts through a conversationRead MorePersonal Statement : Marketing And Finance804 Words   |  4 Pagespost-graduation in Marketing and Finance comes out to support my success on my professional career path, where I experienced various school projects on the real expanse of marketing and developed my analytical skills. Moreover, studying Marketing, Finance, Statistics and Mathematics has evolved my a nalytical thinking, logical reasoning and decision making skills and incited me to delve further into the data science field. Continuing my interest in marketing, I applied Marketing Internship in MayRead MoreMarketing Information System1318 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is a marketing information system (MIS)? †¢ Marketing information system (MIS) is a set of procedures and methods for the regular, planned collection, analysis and presentation of information for use in marketing decisions’ †¢ Consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing decision makers. †¢ Function: Assess, Develop and Distribute Information. Marketing Information System Read MoreMarketing Research Reveals Consumer Behavior1594 Words   |  7 PagesMARKETING RRESEARCH Marketing Research plays a very significant role in identifying the needs of customers and meeting them in best possible way. The main task of Marketing Research is systematic gathering and analysis of information. It can be defined as the function that links the consumers, customers, and public to the marketer through information — information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketingRead MorePersonal Statement : The Sports Marketing Field795 Words   |  4 Pagescompetitive. I completed my major in Communication Studies with a double minor in history and marketing. I complete my undergraduate degree in three years, all while playing soccer at the D1 collegiate level. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Arkansas State University. My passion lies in promotion and marketing. I am particularly interested in social media marketing. I am schedu led to complete my degree in the spring of 2017. As graduation gets closer, IRead MoreFuture of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues Future Outlook1450 Words   |  6 PagesFuture of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues Future Outlook Student St. Petersburg College Marketing decisions are an important part of the management practice. Large-scale databases and applications are methods that have increased tremendously over the years. â€Å"In the twenty-first century we expect that marketing managers will increasingly customize products and services and the supporting marketing programs.† (Leeflang amp; Wittnk, 2000) There have been several areas thatRead MoreManchester United Score Club1219 Words   |  5 PagesTournament Schedule Visit and assess Fields Select Security Procure Reward Procure Banners and T-Shirts Identify EMS Prepare Fields Select Fields Hire Security Engrave the Reward Brand the T-Shirts and Banners Invite EMS Select EMS Teams Entry Fee Payment Register Teams Appoint Referees Contact Colleges Committee agree on reward type Identify Security Present to Sponsor Brief Designer EMS Select Teams Identify and Select Referees Risk Assessment Reward Security Source Fields Entry Fee Agreement IdentifyRead MoreHy Dairies Case1044 Words   |  5 Pages âž ¢ When: Within the next few days, before she is assigned to her new job. âž ¢ To Whom do they make recommendation: Syd Gilman Analysis A. Issues and Symptoms (cause and effects) OB issue: Potential sexist and racist practices Evidence: 1. At Beauport’s previous job she was told that women would not be able to handle a marketing management job. 2. She believes this movement is a way to remove her from high level market management OB issue: LackRead MorePersonal Statement : Marketing Plan1523 Words   |  7 PagesBy completing my Social ME marketing plan, I ve developed my personal brand and improved my LinkedIn presence. This was all done at no cost and will be truly beneficial both now and in my future endeavors. All this will increase the awareness of my personal brand and position me in a positive manner relative to my competition in the mind of business professionals. Overview of Plan I ve created a LinkedIn summary that tells who I am, what I ve accomplished, and where I want to go. It shows theRead MoreMarket Analysis for Product Software1244 Words   |  5 PagesMarket analysis for product software Market analysis for product software consists of a number of techniques that allow an organization to collect and disseminate information from their external environment of software products for use in determining their market strategy and actions. For example, market analysis helps to determine critical strategies for new software products such as time-to-market length, creating product differentiation, creating and preserving supplier credibility, developing

Ideals and Values for 12th Century Medieval Aristocrats Free Essays

Chrà ©tien de Troyes’ Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart, told a tale of a mighty knight. It has the air, to us, of fable. It was of fabrication as two cults of the time, courtly love and honor, dominated the story. We will write a custom essay sample on Ideals and Values for 12th Century Medieval Aristocrats or any similar topic only for you Order Now These cults were parts of a set of medieval aristocratic ideals and values. Within this set, the cults had supportive notions of hospitality, oaths, service, and military prowess. Courtly love pushed the tale into existence when Lancelot stepped onto the cart and courtly love pushed the tale to completion with the death of Meleagant at the hands of Lancelot. Lancelot put into motion these actions. Lancelot’s love for Queen Guinevere bound him to honorable displays of his devotion to her. Chrà ©tien’s tale began with Meleagant’s appearance at King Arthur’s court at Camelot. He informed King Arthur that : â€Å"†¦King, If you have a single knight In this court of yours you can trust To take your queen to the woods, Where I’ll be going when I’m finished Here, then I’ll agree To let him have those prisoners I’ve got in my dungeons, provided He can defeat me in battle, It being understood That possession of your queen is the prize For victory.†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ (lines 69-80). Those at court did not immediately secure the return of the Queen. She was gone. Chrà ©tien soon related how a knight (Lancelot) jumped into a cart driven by a dwarf. Those having committed criminal or despicable acts occupied such a cart in those days. Lancelot entered the cart since the dwarf promised to later reveal the whereabouts of the Queen. Chrà ©tian noted : †¦and the knight Followed along behind For several steps, not climbing Right up. But his hesitant shame Was wrong. †¦(360-364). This delay on the part of Lancelot came back to thwart his efforts when he had gotten the release of the Queen from her captor. She said : â€Å"Indeed? Didn’t the cart Shame you the least little bit? You must have hesitated, For you lingered a good two steps. And that, you see, was my sole Reason for ignoring your presence.†Ã‚   (4491-4496). This rigidity characterized the cult of honor as exemplified by Lancelot’s actions. If an affair of honor came about, then the knight must perform in the honorable way. Yet there were levels of honor as when Meleagant, described as a pitiless brave fool, subscribed to a higher honor of battling Lancelot at King Arthur’s court in a year’s time and agreed to forgo combat at an earlier time (3886-3895). Chrà ©tien saw that honor in service to love ignored common sense and reason. Reason did not include in its realm the working of the heart. Love had its way. For love’s commands, even shame endured. Deep in reflection, Lancelot had no defense against love. He did completely forget himself. An opponent challenged Lancelot three times before crossing a stream. The opponent struck Lancelot with Lancelot still in love’s command. The opponent had unfairly struck him. Lancelot wanted to avenge this disturbance of his revery (891-893). Outside revery he was in a fair enough way but his one and only heart he entrusted to some one else such that he was constrained in a special manner (1231-1248).   He found the Queen’s comb. It had strands of her hair and he was ecstatic: Touching them a hundred thousand Times, caressing with his eves, His lips, his forehead, his face. And all of it brings him happiness, Fills him with the richest delight; He presses it into his breast, Slips it between his shirt And his heart – worth more than a wagon- Load of emeralds or diamonds, (1470-1478). Later, in traversing the sword bridge, the blade cut so as to maim him but the suffering was sweet since love led him on and relieved his pain (3115-3122). Still later a distraught Lancelot, thinking that the Queen is dead, attempted to kill himself by hanging himself from his saddle by means of his belt (4264-4268). Honor had its greatest demands made upon it by love but it spanned also military activity for which the knights were constantly prepared. In this preparation, a generous hospitality aided them that mostly included horses (284-289), beds (458-463), and food. For the first two, they had a choice. The mistress of a house offered Lancelot the house and the mistress of the house (938-949). Thus prepared, their military valor was a pledge, an oath, which they must uphold. A knight could be in the grip of another knight and not fight correctly; so the second knight asked to release the first knight. Then the second knight could recover his military equipment and they could then fight in the approved manner (839-852). The more honor gained in combat, the better. Accompanying a damsel involved an unspoken oath and was a very serious business since the knight was then responsible for her. A challenging knight could assault her with impunity if a challenging knight defeated the escorting knight (1304-1322). Mercy could be granted for the about to be vanquished but this usually entailed an oath be taken. The one who granted mercy redeemed this oath to their benefit. If one had an oath to carry out, then could not do it, there could be shame of a great dimension when another knight did the deed (4013-4019). Knights sometimes honored a pledge, for honor’s sake, even though it seemed not in the best interests of most of those involved as when Kay sought to have the Queen accompany him into the forest where a knight awaited : The king was upset, but his word Had been given, and he could not revoke it, No matter how angry and sorrowful It made him (which was easy to see). The queen, too, was deeply Displeased, and the whole palace Denounced Kay’s pride and presumption In making such a demand. (179-186). Again, it could be a combatant who would not continue the fight if pledged by his lady to cease. Then the other knight must not force a continuance then and there by striking the one who no longer lifts a weapon. Meleagant, for example, struck Lancelot.   The Queen had requested Lancelot to stop fighting:   The king came hurrying down From the tower, to stop him. Straight To the field of battle he went, Speaking these words to his son: â€Å"What’s this? You think it’s fine To go on fighting, after He’s stopped? You act like a savage!† (3824-3831). The truth of the matter is that Lancelot only appeared to give up. In truth he was doing what his lady had requested of him. Later her captors said she was lying about bloodied sheets (4788-4798). This was a most grievous charge and so combat was called for. Holy relics came out and, on their knees, the parties involved did swear. Truth in other matters was another preoccupation of the aristocrats that Chrà ©tien wrote about. There were standards of truth against which the knights and others could measure their conduct. To seek death in ignorance was the action of a fool.   A fool too was one who does not truly humble oneself. A fool never lost his folly. Those nobles, not fools, did not need to seek praise to enhance their deeds and self praise did not increase one’s esteem. The madness of a fool had no cure: â€Å"Who do you think believes you?† Said the king. â€Å"All these people Can tell for themselves what’s true And False. We know you’re lying.† (3841-3844). Far from the fool was the man as lover who was always obedient and gladly did his lover’s bidding in short order. He knew much about love and included in this knowledge was that honor done for love entailed no shame. Should something greatly go amiss, he would not fear death. Death desired those who were afraid of it (4283-4284). Before death there were dwarfs. Lancelot encountered two dwarfs in the tale. Neither one was up to any good. The first, described as a â€Å"Low-born and disgusting† dwarf (353) did lead Lancelot astray. The dwarf lied as to knowing the Queen’s whereabouts but did convince Lancelot to enter the cart. The other dwarf encountered Lancelot on Lancelot’s approach to the water bridge. The dwarf promised to take Lancelot to a special place (5081-5084). This dwarf also lied. No one said anything about what happened to the dwarfs. Presumably, they received a suitable fate for their unbecoming behavior. Perhaps death found them soon enough without their heads. It seemed that beheading was the surefire way to ensure that the one on their way out did indeed depart. Lancelot did battle with an enemy and after having vanquished him, a woman wants the opponent’s head. Lancelot obliges : One swing of the sword, the head Was off, and it and the body Fell to the ground. And the girl Was happy†¦.(2927-2930). The headless one wronged her. Lancelot had already showed mercy to the opponent. Then again the opponent had pleaded for mercy. Then too the opponent had been most impertinent with Lancelot. So the upshot of this battle was the damsel was pleased and the opponent lost his head. Another beheading occurred at the end of the tale. Meleagant reflected on how it was that Lancelot had made his way to Camelot. Meleagant had thought he had locked Lancelot in a tower from which there could be no escape. He realized that he was a victim of trickery. He was ready for something worse than great shame and humiliation (6967-6969).   In his battle with Lancelot he lost his right arm. He felt badly since he then could not strike Lancelot. Then he was smashed in the face by Lancelot. Three teeth are broken in his mouth. His state enraged him to the extent he could not speak and so did not seek mercy. Lancelot cut off his head. It was finished : And let me assure you, no one Who was there, watching the battle, Felt the slightest pity. The king and his courtiers and ladies Were fairly jumping for joy (7099-7103). Works Cited Chrà ©tien de Troyes. Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart. Trans. Burton Raffel. New Haven London: Yale University Press ,1997. How to cite Ideals and Values for 12th Century Medieval Aristocrats, Essay examples

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Is Reality TV worse than other tv free essay sample

In At Least Its Not Snobby By Trace Egan Morrissey, she brings up the fact that many people Joke about reality television, and even call it trash. Reality TV may show some of the worse sides of the world, but those sides do exist, and whether people admit it or not, it is amusing to watch. Reality TV teaches lessons without anyone even realizing it. It shows the world different morals. Things that used to be ore frowned upon in societies are somewhat more socially acceptable because of reality television, such as being gay. Viewers see a cast member struggling with being gay, and the viewer usually sympathizes. People that are gay can relate, and see themselves as not being so alone. The question still remains; Is reality television worse than other types of TV? An large amount of people would say. Yes. But it In truth could be labeled as worthwhile as any other sort of television, though it does meme to have Its ups and downs. We will write a custom essay sample on Is Reality TV worse than other tv? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the Watching TV And Looking Inward, Andy Denary writes about how reality television is worthy of our attention. He states, reality TV is at once a window and a mirror. Showing how real people react and Interact in extraordinary situations, Reality television is engaging and amusing, still, Denary brings up the point that reality television can make a viewer think in a different point of perspective. When itching these shows, we often think to ourselves, What would I do f I were them, Wow, I would never do that, and sometimes even, This is ridiculous. The shows get us thinking, and sometimes we are astonished by our reaction. Reality television actually exposes the reality of humanity. These shows, as foolish as some of them may seem, can actually teach and show us Important lessons. That Is why I agree with Denary when he says that reality television is worthy of our attention. Ton